To better reflect our relationship with the National organization, we have changed our name to the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science – Missouri.




These are just some of the ways ASCLS membership can benefit you:


Networking Through Local, State and Regional Societies

No other association for clinical laboratory scientists can match ASCLS's active local, state and regional societies - organizations offering a ready-made network for getting to know your fellow professionals and for getting your voice heard on issues affecting your work life. They also provide opportunities to develop leadership skills and workshops and seminars to strengthen technical know-how.

Career-Building at the ASCLS Annual Meeting and Exposition

Described as "the premier continuing education event" in clinical laboratory science, the five-day ASCLS Annual Meeting and Exposition offers nearly 70 hours of cutting-edge scientific and professional workshops and symposiums.

Continuing Your Professional Education

ASCLS makes it easy to keep up-to-date. Our online continuing education programs make it simple to earn CEU's from your home or workplace. ASCLS also offers workshops and audiotapes on topics of critical interest, along with several free webcasts. All ASCLS continuing education participants are eligible to earn P.A.C.E.® credits toward recertification.

Support for Research and Higher Education

If you envision launching an innovative clinical laboratory science research project or if you're working toward an undergraduate or graduate degree, ASCLS may be able to help. Through our Education & Research Fund, we provide developmental grants for research aimed at enhancing the profession. For aspiring clinical laboratory scientists, ASCLS provides a number of undergraduate scholarships.

Staying Current Through Publications

All members receive ASCLS Today, a newsletter published 11 times a year, which provides a timely update on association activities in legislative, education and other arenas. As a Professional I member, you will receive access to our award winning online journal, Clinical Laboratory Science, which features articles on technology, education and government actions affecting clinical laboratory science. ASCLS also publishes books and manuals on numerous professional topics at a substantial discount to members.

Your Advocate

As new laws and regulations such as CLIA '88 bring big changes to the profession, you need a strong advocate in Washington, DC. ASCLS's dedicated government affairs team, coupled with extensive grassroots involvement, makes sure the concerns of the profession are heard in Congress. To equip you for effective advocacy, ASCLS holds a Legislative Symposium each year. Participants learn current issues and lobbying skills and meet with members of Congress to discuss the profession's concerns.

Maintaining Professional Standards

ASCLS is dedicated to maintaining high educational standards required of those who perform clinical laboratory tests. We work actively with our members to promote state licensure bills that spell out the minimum qualifications needed to perform clinical laboratory tests.

Many Paths to Participation

ASCLS provides a wealth of options for active participation. Whether you want to make your voice heard on important issues or further scientific standards and technical policies, ASCLS opens the door to you. Sign up for an ASCLS Committee or join any of more than 25 groups in the ASCLS Member Community. We invite you to find an activity that suits your interests.

Savings on Personal Services

As an ASCLS member, you can participate in the ASCLS insurance program for discounts in health, life, disability, liability and automobile insurance. Discover discounts at stores such as Office Depot to meet all of your office needs.

A Single, Strong Voice

The field of clinical laboratory science embraces a wide range of disciplines - hematologists, clinical chemists, phlebotomists and microbiologists, to name a few. But all share a similar role: providing vital information for diagnosis and treatment. All face common concerns and all desire recognition as valued members of the health care team. Representing thousands of members from a range of clinical specialties, ASCLS speaks for all with a single, unified voice.